Service: Good, when you can rely on experts!

Reach Stacker, Container Forklift, Container Mover and Container Sideloader are forklifts for very special operation purposes. Therefore, it is even more important, that you are well advised with your investment and receive a comprehensive after-sales service, perfectly supporting you in all tasks around cargo handling, loading and container handling. This includes o.a.:

  • Reparation in our own professional garage in Oldenburg - including a nationwide delivery and pick-up service for your forklift.
  • Onsite service for maintenance and repair throughout Germany with specially trained forklift technicians and optimally equipped workshop cars
  • On the road throughout Germany: own special truck for transporting reach stacker and container forklifts - including a professional transport team
  • Original spare parts for MecLift forklifts, as well as forklift parts with a quality of original equipment for gas, electric and Diesel forklifts of all popular forklift benches. Comprehensive warehouse in Oldenburg, where all popular wear parts and spare parts for forklifts are always on stock. Express order of further forklift parts and delivery throughout Germany
  • Fork arms in different sizes and for all areas of application