Meclift Loading Box

Meclift Loading Box that enables to handle aluminium bundles effortlessly and safely. It is designed, and also guaranteed, to do this without causing any scratches or bending of the goods. A wide variety of dimensions available ensure that each customer can choose a solution that best fits their work environment.

The Meclift ML3012RC Variable Reach Truck equipped with the Loading Box is the only solution in the world that can load 7,000-millimeter aluminium bundles 11,300 kg of weight in the middle of a 40-ft container. Loading box is a smart innovation, which has got several worldwide patents.

“We have good experience of the equipment, and we are satisfied with the service provided by Meclift. Vehicles are running with a high uptime, and our drivers are giving good feedback with regards to the operation of the machines. Additionally, we are very happy about the cooperation between Meclift and our company during the development of Loading Boxes.”


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